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Phone Number: (0141) 6117249

Area / Prefix Code: 0141 - Glasgow

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Posted: 12 October 2017


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Called 24 times - My wife made the mistake of answering this call, sent from 01416117249 - They stated that they were selling windows. She declined. They telephoned back 24 TIMES in the next 30 minutes.

I eventually answered and they guy on the phone insisted on speaking to my wife. When I told him not to phone my number again, he continued to tell me to put my wife on the phone! I then told him to "go forth and multiply" and he quoted my address to me, and stated that I'd be receiving a "fine" in the post!

I was outraged, what can be done about this company?

(0141) 6117249, 0141 6117249, 01416117249

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