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ReverseNumber.Co.UK is here to provide our visitors with a FREE method of obtaining information about a telephone number that has called. This service is often called "Reverse Telephone Number Lookup", and many companies charge very large premiums for their service.

Our Reverse Phone Search service is completely FREE because it is completely compiled by our users for our users. All of the information posted into our Reverse Telephone Directory has been provided by our visitors in the form of a forum style web conversation.

After seaching for a number, each visitor is given the oportunity of leaving a comment about thier experiences regarding calls made to or received from that particular telephone number, ensuring that others visitors to this site have the most up to date and relevant information available.

Try it yourself now by entering a telephone number in the search field at the top of the page. Should our Reverse Phone Search Directory contain no comments about the telephone number you have searched for, please start a conversation by adding your comments today.

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